Black Representation on Netflix

 Netflix just released a new original show called Ginny & Georgia. In the show Ginny is the biracial (black and white)  daughter of her  white mother Georgia. Their family moved from Texas to Newbury, Massachusetts where Ginny finds herself in  the in between of two worlds. I like that the show focuses on the difficulties that many biracial people face, not knowing where they fit in because they are to black for the white kids and too white for the black. However, Netflix has a pattern of only casting mixed, lightskin, or racially ambiguous people to play the roles of black youth in their shows. On the rare occasion they do cast a darker skinned black person they tend to put every minority group into that one character while still not developing them on the show.

For example, in Never Have I Ever, Fabiola, the only black character is played by a light skin black woman, who is also a member of the LGBTQ community and is socially awkward/ a nerd. In Sex education, Eric is played by a dark skin man and is also a part of the LGBTQ community and is socially awkward.  I believe they made the right casting decision for this show but it almost feels like they are using the paper bag test to cast female leads in their original shows. I would not change the casting for Ginny and Georgia specifically because it works there. However I do believe that Netflix needs more representation of all the beautiful brown/black skin that exists in this world and to stop type casting every black person they put on their shows. 

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Ginny & Georgia
Never Have I Ever

Trump Cries Fake News In Defense Of His Immigration Policies.

In a recent news conference, President Donald Trump was questioned on the state of the migrant children being detained in detention centers and taken away from their parents. Trump took to Twitter to air his grievances with the line of questioning and current standing of the media. In a brief set of Tweets, Trump claimed that the New York Times sided only with the Democrats and perpetuated lies about the ICE detention centers solely to make him look bad. He also states his support and praise for Customs and Border Patrol Agents for the work that they are doing. It seems as though the atrocities that have taken place and continue to take place in the detention centers will never be acknowledged by this President because he is unable to take responsibility for the hardships that he has directly caused. 

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When Doves Cry

Race, class, age, and ability are all represented in this music video. Prince is a male however in this video and many others he dresses ina feminine manner. Despite that, he is seen with different women love interests in this video. Sexuality in this video is presented in the relationship depicted and the problems that the relationship is facing. Beauty norms are bent in this video. Prince had a style of his own, much of which was not popular in the mainstream. I don’t think that Prince saw anything as too taboo to sing about or do. He wore pants that showed his butt regularly. He addresses sex and reflects on his own personal issues in a relationship in this song.

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